South Beach: who says Miami is a globally admired center of culture?

What did we forget to show you at Art Basel Miami Beach? What did we purposely overlook? Not much. Here are some memory aids for that fleeting dream of a moment.

Think guava-flavored Cheeze-Whiz . . .

. . . fake but entirely unique.

Ghouls continue to haunt the Versace Mansion.

Not far away, the Moore Space was as much mob scene as art scene . . .

. . . including Food Culture Museum’s Antoni Miralda.

Jonathan Meese, Totale Revolution Am Highway (Kleinhaiway),
oil on canvas, 143.75'' x 236.5" x 1.75", 2006, at the Rubell Family Collection.

A detail of Hernan Bas’s installation, the Rubell Family Collection . . .

. . . and another view.

Alex Heria at the Freedom Tower: was he kidding?

Creating a Scene indeed. Fun, games at the Freedom Tower.

Eugenia Vargas, center, and Odalis Valdivieso, left. Art radio at Creating a Scene.

A detail of assume vivid astro focus XI at the de la Cruz home. Visitors not included.

Clemencia Labin—or so our notes say—at the Expanded Painting Show:
Tres talismanes citadinos, wall installation and three talismans, 145" x 118", 2007.

Little Arnold Mesches paintings at Dorsch Gallery, Scope.

Space Other at Scope, featuring Peter Schmitt.

The floor at the Convention Center. Supernova’s best face.

Another view of Pardo and Akerman at Neugerriemschneider Berlin, ABMB.

Whitfield Lovell at DC Moore Gallery, ABMB,
Thirteen, conte on wood, rope, chair, 69" x 54.5", 2006.

San Juan’s Galería 356 booth at Photo Miami. Left, a work by José Jorge Román.

Where are we now?