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Rotund World says:

In just short two days, our coverage of the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo melodrama— hullabaloo, march on capitolio, outcry and breast-beating accompanied by heavy breathing —has generated an unprecedented number of comments, perhaps as many as six, half of which we’re at great pains to understand.

Beyond the seasonal tedium, the endless weeks of nothing much going on in the Puerto Rican art scene until CIRCA begins its inexorable boil, we’re at a loss to explain the heebeejeebees. Perhaps it’s yet another indication that folks hereabouts are basically a techy lot when you get past the ready, easy-on-the-pinkies handshakes and friendly smiles.

Madame Lyn-Go-Tee Hurtado says:

oooooOOOOOH WELL! WELL! EAH RAAAAAAYO! oops! . . . (2/5/08)

J. Bataille says:

The MAC is a non-profit organization with by-laws which mandate an Acquisitions & Exhibitions Committee comprised of members of the Board of Directors. After 23 years, there is no such Committee. Why not? Because Somoza does not want it. Problem here is that the Committee is not optional, but rather mandated by the by-laws. Until it is created, Somoza will control the acquisitions and exhibitions of the MAC. This should be the focus of critics . . . (2/5/08)

J. Bataille says:

Now Ramon del Valle is President of the Board of Directors of the MAC. The question is why did Patricia Eaves, President of Sprint International, resign from that position? Certainly not to preside the Bankers’ Club. Why is the Board of Directors virtually vacant? . . . (2/5/08)

Jake says:

its just the loudest one seems to be the one heard, it just seems inappropriate to scream about how you dont like screaming

anyhow this is just more inadvertent “art” see the mac is a reflection of the times, the panismo, the polite-tics, the b.s. . . . and so be it, let it, i mean, why dance?

and this guy in mapr, c’mon . . . it is for those who think that talking about the guilty somehow makes him innocent, or not an accomplice-mas b.s. . . . (2/6/08)

Rotund World says:

Well, Jake, for the most part we haven’t the least idea about what you’re getting at. Forget the whole thing? Let it ride, bro’? We’re as cool as the next cats, but the writers among us appreciate the story line, the stimulating, can’t-look-away quality the MAC debacle exudes. We don’t doubt that within the next few weeks it will be but a slight, unpleasant smell, like one of those unfortunate tiny geckos which get plastered on the doorframe when the screen door slams. But then we were way wrong about MAC’s survival chances and Miyuca’s brainpower, so your prescription, if that’s what it is, might prove to be far smarter than we think.

As for Rubén Torres Llorca’s installation at Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, umm, are you acquainted with the work? The only pang of guilt we saw in the installation was in the title. We think that Torres Llorca is a consummate hardass, especially when it comes to the treacheries of language. Which, since you mention it, is strangely appropriate . . . (2/6/08)


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